•  Bell Ringer 9/18/17
    What is Earth’s shape?

    Is it flat like a coin, or spherical like a ball? Perhaps it’s like a tin can, flat on the ends and round in the middle?
    Describe the evidence that best supports you answer. 
    Bell Ringer – 9/21/17
     North Tonawanda Coordinates – 43o 04’ N, 78o86’ W
    Denver Coordinates – 39o74’ N, 104099’ W
    What time is it in Denver right now? How do you know?
    Bell Ringer - 9/26/17

    How would you describe this picture to me?  How could you accurately tell me about this picture?

     Mt. Ginger
    Bell Ringer - 10/3/17
     Topo Map
    •  What direction does Mill River flow?
    • What is the highest elevation for red star Z?
    • What is the lowest elevation in this field?
    •  Which side of hill x would be easiest to climb?
    Bell Ringer - 10/11
    •       What is a mineral?
    •       Where have you seen that word “mineral” used? 
    Bell Ringer - 10/25
    Explain why sedimentary rocks make up 5% of the entire volume of the Earth’s crust, but account for more than 75% of the Earth’s surface. 
     Bell Ringer - 10/27
    • How does heat and pressure change as you move down through the crust?
    • How are mountains formed?
    Bell Ringer - 11/13
     Identify a nearby body of water. How do we use that body of water? How has it shaped our landscape, both physically and socially?
     Bell Ringer - 11/16
    What happens to a person’s velocity as they ride down a water slide? What slows this velocity?
    What happens to a river’s velocity at its mouth?
    Bell Ringer - 11/30 
     Compare and contrast how different erosional agents sort sediment. What is left after deposition?
    Bell Ringer - 12/13
    Other than geographic location, what are the two main diagnostic factors that determine the difference between the Erie-Ontario lowlands and the Adirondack Mountain landscape regions?
    Image result for generalized landscape regions of new york state
    Bell Ringer - 1/4

    • What is an unconformity?
    • Identify three (of four) key factors that make an index fossil useable.
     Bell Ringer - 1/11
    • In a cross section, how can older layers end up on top?