• Student use of the District’s Computer System (DCS) is conditioned upon written agreement by all students and their parents/guardians that student use of the DCS will conform to the requirements of this policy and any regulations adopted to insure acceptable use of the DCS. A full explanation of this policy and a ‘Computer Usage’ form is provided to each NTMS student in their planner. After thoroughly reading these documents, the student and parent(s) should sign the consent form. This should be left in the planner, and students will be expected to have it in their possession whenever they plan to use a NTMS district computer.
    Highlights from the district policy for student use of computers include:
    • Generally, the same standards of acceptable student conduct which apply to any school activity shall apply to the use of the DCS.
    • Students who engage in unacceptable use will lose access to the DCS and may be subject to further discipline under the District's school conduct and discipline policy.
    • Student data files and other electronic storage areas will be treated like school lockers.
    • Students will use all computer equipment for the purpose for which it is intended. Students will not tamper with terminals, associated equipment, or otherwise disable the system.
    • Students will not change, copy, rename, delete, read, or otherwise access files or software that the student did not create.
    • Students will not use a computer for anything other than course related work.