• Sports

    The goals of the physical education program in our district are to provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to make wellness a priority as well as a commitment for a lifetime.  The curriculum is designed to promote a positive attitude about wellness and to give each student diverse opportunities to participate in a wide variety of sports and activities. The district provides opportunities to educate the students about the importance of physical activity in their daily lives in order to promote physical and mental well-being. 


  • K-3 Units Include:


    • Spatial Awareness
    • Body Awareness
    • Locomotor Movements (Running, Skipping, Galloping, Jumping, Hopping, Leaping)
    • Balancing
    • Chasing and Fleeing
    • Throwing and Catching
    • Kicking
    • Striking (Long and Short Handled Implements)
    • Holiday Games
    • Dancing
    • Bowling



  • All of North Tonawanda's Physical Education units are set up with New York State Physical Education Standards in mind.  

    New York State Standards