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  • Construction update at NTI baseball fields
    As of August 2018, construction at the Intermediate School baseball fields continues to move forward. Over the next few months, various improvements are planned at each field. Drainage upgrades are planned in the stormwater basin areas to minimize standing water and erosion and facilitate grass growth. The Varsity outfield will be removed of weeds and seeded late summer, while the eroded areas of the JV outfield will be re-seeded for the fall growing season. Finished grades adjacent to the walking path will be adjusted to promote drainage to the stormwater management areas. The standing water issues have been made more apparent by the lack of stormwater infiltration through the topsoil, which has a higher than anticipated clay content.

    Assuming the fall growing season provides ideal conditions for grass establishment, the JV field could be ready for play as early as Spring/Summer 2019. Once the Varsity outfield is seeded, two growing seasons are required before play is recommended. If the field is seeded early this fall and properly maintained, it could be ready in the fall of 2019.

Building a Better Tomorrow for NT from NT Schools on Vimeo.

Superintendent Greg Woytila takes viewers on a tour of the District Capital Project as construction kicks into high gear for the summer.

  • Ongoing Project Work Photo Gallery  
    If you have questions about the Capital Project or any of the work that is going on, please contact the Director of Facilities at 807-3520.

    High School 
    sports complex   An aerial view of progress at the new sports complex.
    new sports complex  Another aerial view of progress at the new sports complex.
    New HS Track ARea  New High School Track Area
    Future site of track and athletic field  The future site of the track and synthetic multi-purpose sports field.
    Installing the drain gutter for the new track  Installing the drain gutter for the new track.

    HS Electrical Service LInes  
     Installing Electrical Service Lines

    Future Middle School Grades 7-8 (Former Meadow Elementary site) 
    Iron workers  
    Iron Workers erecting steel for new Middle school gym 
    Concrete mixing on site  
    Concrete products are mixed on site for block and brick building.
    Foundation for future MS gym  Foundation is poured for future MS gymnasium. Installation of steel beams to follow.
    Demo for plumbing  Demolition for plumbing work
    Interior work at future MS Interior construction demolition, removing unnecessary walls and equipment to make the area ready for the future middle school.
    Future MS Music Addition  Preparing for the new music wing addition.

    HS-MS Bus Loop Demolition to provide space for new bus loading and unloading loop. The work will create a more visible environment for students and staff to make get on and off buses.
    New Music Suite Addition Demolition to open a brick wall of existing Meadow Elementary for new Middle School music suite addition.
    Meadow Installing Pilings Installing pilings at the existing Meadow Elementary for new Middle School gymnasium addition.

    Spruce Elementary
    nurses office renovation at Spruce  
    Spruce Elementary school nurse office renovations 
    Spruce chimney repairs  
     Chimney repairs at Spruce Elementary

    Future Intermediate School Grades 4-6 (Former NT Middle School site) 
     Future Intermediate Roofing Work
    New insulation for roof that will result in a more efficient and comfortable interior environment. 
    New roof installationFuture Intermediate Roof
    Future Intermediate building sports fields Future Intermediate School new sports field with trail around campus for students and public to walk on.
    Future Intermediate Building site  Topsoil excavation at new sports fields