Record of Student Service Learning Hours Completed

  • Please check to see your Service Learning information

    that has been recorded by student ID number


    Did you know???

    Page 8 of the 2017-2018 student handbook for NTHS says "In accordance with the district’s service-learning policy, students in the North Tonawanda City School District will be required as follows at the high school level: Students will be required to accumulate a total of 15 hours of school approved service learning credit while in grades 9-10 and an additional 15 hours while in grades 11-12*. A total of 30 hours will be required for graduation, which includes preparation, action, and reflection."


    ~ All Service Learning hours are due no later than May 15 of the students’ senior year in order for the student to be eligible for top five recognition.


    *If all 30 hours are completed PRIOR to grades 11-12 grade, there are no additional hours required.


    Underclassmen - Are you a student in good standing? Are you completing and turning in your hours to meet this requirement??


    Be sure to check what is recorded below for you (by student ID)!


    If there are any questions/errors please contact or 716-807-3600 x1970.


    Freshman Service Learning Hours as of July 25, 2018


    Sophomore Service Learning Hours as of July 25, 2018


    Junior Service Learning Hours as of July 25, 2018


    Senior Service Learning Hours as of July 25, 2018