Special Friends is a one-to-one play activity program for children in grades K-3 who display mild to moderate at risk behaviors of school adjustment issues. Run by the Social Worker and Social Work Interns in the district, Special Friends is available for every K-3 elementary child and is provided throughout each school day in an individual pull out setting. During this time, students are paired with an adult and they meet in the social work office to address specified individual goals. The individual attention gives many children an extra boost in making the adjustment to the school experience.  Every fall, the North Tonawanda City School District conducts a screening to identify students who would benefit from this program, but parents and guardians can refer children as well. Participation in this program has proven to help build self esteem, promote socialization skills, and relieve school related anxiety.

    Students in grades 4-6 can be referred in for individual session within the program as well as lunch bunch groups. 


    If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Social Worker in your school building.