Red Ribbon Week

  • On February 7, 1985 DEA agent Enrique Camarena was murdered at the hands of drug cartel leaders following his involvement in the successful eradication of a narcotics operation in Chihuahua, Mexico. The California State PTA adopted the Red Ribbon Campaign in 1986, followed in 1988 by President Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Reagan nationally recognizing this effort to reduce the demand for illegal drugs and illegal use of legal drugs in America.

  • Penny Drive benefiting Kids Escaping Drugs

    A penny drive is being held throughout the month of October with all money being given to Kids Escaping Drugs.

    To learn more about Kids Escaping Drugs click here:


  • pledge card

    While in the car and at a red stop sign or a red light ask your child

    to recite the pledge. It's a eay way to remember the pledge.


  • The link below will take you to a reading of The Red Ribbon" by John Lasne, narrated by Michael Tambroni. This story was developed as a prevention outreach to young children. Readers discover a kingdom where an overwhelming sadness is conquered, not by the bravest knight or the most powerful wizard, but by those who join "hands and hearts" for the good of all. Please watch and read with your children. You will find the opportunity to discuss with your child how (s)he might be able to reach out to help another or to seek help for themselves.

    Click on the following link. You can choose to save or open the file. It will take at least 30 seconds to download so don't think that it's not responding, it just takes a moment. If you choose to save it, then it will be available in the file that you choose to save it to (i.e. My Documents, Desktop, etc). Once you open the file, press the F5 key or click "slide show" from the PowerPoint menu and select "From Beginning."    


  • Be Smart Don't Start

    Be Smart Don't Start is an assembly designed for 3rd grade students. All of the district's 3rd graders will attend this assembly on Tuesday October 25th at Spruce Elementary Auditorium. "The Wondermakers" is an acting troupe that provides 3 interactive skits that focus on healthy life choices. This is a memorable experience for these children. High School students have said that they've remembered many of the activities of Red Ribbon Week, including this assembly.