• Daily Homework


    Each week: The students will learn new spelling skills.

    Monday- a list of spelling words that model the skill being taught will be sent home as a homework page.

    Tuesday- the back side of Monday's homework sheet.

    Wednesday- study for the pretest.

     On Thursday, there will be a pretest given which assesses which words the students are having trouble with. If the student completes the pretest including the sentence given with 100% accuracy and it is signed and returned, they are exempt from the post test on Fri.  

    Thursday - correct any misspelled words by writing them three times each and practice the sentence. Study for Friday's post test and parents/guardians need to sign the pretest and return it to school on Fri.

    *click on spelling words below to see the entire years spelling words. 



    Math -   Each day the students learn a new math procedure and they complete a guided and independent practice in school.  A homework sheet is then sent home labeled by the unit # and lesson # as a review side and practice side. The only night they will not recieve a worksheet is when they have a practice test from the book The evening before the in class unit test. The day they take the unit test, they will not have math homework. 



    see the access code below to sign up for to access our math series online which includes the homework sheets and book work.

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