students were given a hard copy of this in class

    Mrs. Munnikhuysen's 2019-20 7th Grade Survival Guide



     Welcome! You will be studying Physical Science (Chemistry & Physics) this year. Think l-a-b-s and activities about 50% of the time with occasional research days. All announcements, homework assignments, ect are located on the SmartBoard as you arrive as well as my website.


    A parent/guardian can leave a voicemail for me at: 807-3700, ext 3129 or at pmunnikhuysen@ntschools.org . E-mail is the BEST way to contact me.  My website is on the district's website at: www.ntschools.org - go to middle school then, teacher web pages and then Mrs. Munnikhuysen. The site is a wealth of information and includes homework assignments, a calendar and policies. Parents/guardians should also sign up for the "Parent Portal" if they have not done so already and see daily attendance, grades, ect. It's a great way to keep track of your day to day average and I highly recommend it! There is also a Student Portal.

       Keep this guide all year. It spells out what I expect from you. I will always tell you exactly what you will need to do in order to succeed in this class. No secrets or goofy directions! Ask questions if you do not understand something - I usually don't bite! 

    What to Bring to Class EVERY Day:

    *A good attitude; fake it if you have to. A negative attitude usually affects other people in the room. If you are having a problem of any type, I am always available to help you and we may need to schedule a time to talk. If it is an urgent problem during class, I may send you down to your guidance counselor. We all go through rough periods and your middle school team teachers are here to help you sort it out if needed.

     *A pencil and eraser. Pens are only used on occasion and will be announced when needed. 

    * Your CHARGED iPad. 

    *A 3-ring, black binder with a small amount of paper in it. You will not get through the door of 241 without it. (lol)

    *Your white take-home binder with your planner inside it.

    Classroom Rules:

    *Be on time. No hanging out in the hall until the bell rings.

    *Be "bell ready."This means having homework out (if assigned the previous day), a pencil and in your seat waiting quietly when the bell rings.

    *Lab safety rules will be explained in a separate document. Failure to follow lab safety rules can result in injury, loss of lab time and poor grades.

    *No horseplay. I could tell you horror stories about accidents here.   

     Don't be one of those stories.

    *Respect - give it, you get it back. A basic law of physics.

    *Refrain from talking when I am teaching or anyone is answering a question. You do not have the right to interfere with my teaching or anyone else's learning. You will have a lot of freedom during labs as long as you're on task. We will joke a ton, but learn where the line is early in the year. I will model this with a few skits to show you just what I mean.

    *If behavior is severe, you may be sent immediately to the office. I usually only send one kid per year to the office if any at all. Don't be that kid!

    Homework Policy:

    *I do not give homework every night - only when needed. Some units demand more homework than others. I do not give busy work -I will not waste your time or mine with it. If you are given homework, expect to see questions from it on the next quiz or test. Basically, your homework is practice for quizzes and tests and is never a waste of your time. Failure to complete homework by the due date (usually the next day) will result in lunch detention to finish it. If you continue to not do your work or are doing poorly, I will be forced to get your parents involved for your own good. This is not meant as a punishment, but a way of protecting you until you are mature enough to handle your own affairs. Think of it as a sign that I care! 

    *If you're absent the day homework is due, it is due the day that you return unless you make other arrangements with me due to special circumstances. A day off school is NOT a day off from doing homework. (why do kids think this?) I want you to do well on tests and quizzes and not doing homework will put you at a serious disadvantage.

     The Notebook:

      This is huge because we do not use a book - your notebook is your book! At the end of each marking period your notebook will be graded. Every paper must be 100% completed and will be checked and must be numbered. The grade will count for a test grade and be out of 100%.  I will have a model notebook if you need to check it. I also have the Table of Contents on my website that is updated often. We will work on your notebook everyday for about 1 minute. This is basically an effort grade and a great way to have everything together to study for test and to raise your grade. Some quizzes are even open notebook! I will give you a list of what you need and where it belongs halfway through the marking period for the first half of the year and just before the end of the marking period. A few extra sheets are available in the "extras bin." There is no excuse for not keeping an orderly notebook -if you are not the type of person to be organized, ask for help -that is my job! Get your "Munni's worth!"

    How You Will be Graded:

      I use a “straight average.” Not all assignments are worth 100 points. 100 point items are tests, projects and your notebook check each marking period. Items usually worth less than 100 points include labs, quizzes and worksheets.

     I simply add up all your grades and divide by the available points. If a student earned 842 points out of a possible 901 points, what would his average be? _____%

    Last Year's "Survivor" Letters: 

      Read at least 5 letters from "victims" that I had last year and are now 8th graders. What are 3 of the most common recommendations for survival in this class that you saw in the letters?










    What to do if this Class is Difficult for You:

       Easy -see me! I am available by appointment after school, before school and during lunch. Do not wait until you are so far behind that you are overwhelmed.  

    Emergency Passes:

     At the beginning of each marking period you will receive an "Emergency Pass." It may be used 1 time during the marking period for things such as going to the lav, a late homework, skipping a cruel and unusual punishment or if you save it until the end of the marking period, a point to your overall average. Use it wisely!


    My Goals for 7th Grade Science: (list at least 2 & HOW you will achieve them)


       In school this year, I really want to____________________


        I will achieve this by:________________________________



        Some possible obstacles to reaching my goals are:


        If I have trouble reaching these goals I will:___________






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