• Course Description:

    This course is designed to provide additional instruction in Mathematics.  This additional support will be provided utilizing a variety of strategies. Also, math workshop is designed to promote good study habits, provide a nurturing learning environment, and to support every student’s journey for academic success.



    Students are required to bring the following supplies:

    • Pencil
    • Math Notes
    • Planner



    • The New York State Math Assessment:  3rd - 8th grade test scores
    • Other standardized test scores
    • Multiple, educationally related, objective criteria are used to help identify those students who are most at risk of failing to meet the state’s standards for performance and content.  Recommendations are math writing skills, content area class failures, difficulty completing assignments, difficulty organizing information, and weak test    taking skills
    • Team, teacher, guidance, or parent recommendations. 



    Grading is based on student’s effort and attitude in math workshop.  He/she will earn an S (Satisfactory) or a U (Unsatisfactory).


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