• Program of Academic Support Services (P.A.S.S.)

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    The P.A.S.S. program began in the North Tonawanda City Schools in 1992.  The concept of mentors can be traced back thousands of years but recently achieved success across the country as a cost effective way to reduce school failure for secondary students.

    The program is designed to assist in the prevention of academic failure and school drop out. Youth "at risk" of school failure are teamed with trained paraprofessional adults who mentor the students through school and social difficulties.  

    Mentors are students pursuing a degree in social work from universities and colleges in Niagara County and Western New York.  They receive regular training and supervision from the high school social workers. Rosemary Fox, Child Associate, assists the mentors with daily logistical responsibilities.  

    Mentors are trained to assist students with academic skills such as study skills, organizational skills, time management, and homework completion.  They also assist with teaching social skills, improving self-confidence, and increasing motivation.  

    Parental input is important to the success of the program. Since you know your child best, please help us by providing relevant information that will assist your child in doing his/her best. 

    P.A.S.S is offered free of charge to qualified students in the North Tonawanda City School District.