• The Ohio Elementary school counselor is excited to continue to teach and reinforce the RULER Approach in all of the classrooms.                       
    RULER is a social emotional approach to learning which teaches our students five key skills of emotional intelligence.
    The Mood Meter is an integral part of the RULER curriculum and allows students as well as adults to build emotional awareness.  The Mood Meter represents two components of emotions: pleasantness and energy.  Ohio Elementary students learn about the 4 colors represented on the Mood Meter and how to use the Mood Meter to show how they are feeling.  Recognizing feelings is the first step in learning how to manage and regulate those feelings.  
    Mood Meter 1        Mood Meter 2   Mood Meter 3
    Students also learn about Meta-Moments and finding a strategy that works for them to better regulate their emotions.  See the poster below from the RULER program that outlines the 6 steps to success!  Students learn how to see their "best self" and some strategies such as deep breathing, using their words, positive self talk, getting a drink of water and doing yoga (pictured below).
    Meta Moment  
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