• RULER is a social emotional approach to learning which teaches our students
    five key skills of emotional intelligence.  
    Mrs. Zackey, Mr. Schelble and Mrs. Moore will be teaching the RULER program to
    all Meadow students throughout the school year.  
    To create a positive emotional climate at home, it is important to practice the following skills with all members of the family. 
     To recognize emotions, families can:
    • pay attention to your emotions and the emotions of your children.
    • point out and discuss the facial expressions, vocal changes, and body language that reflect different emotions.
    To understand emotions, families can:
    • anticipate, manage, or prevent unwanted feelings in ourselves and others
    • promote wanted feelings in ourselves and others
    • support children's emotional needs 
     To label emotions, families can:
    • use a wide range of emotional words with children                                                                                   
    • encourage children to find the best word to describe their feelings 
     To express emotions, families can:
    • talk about what your body looks like when you are angry, excited, sad, calm, etc.
    • help children evaluate the best time, place, and way to express their feelings 
     To regulate emotions, families can:
    • model different effective strategies for children when you manage your own feelings
    • help children find useful and successful strategies for managing the range of emotions they experience