• WHAT...does the school counselor do?
    Mrs. Zackey works collaboratively as a team member with all school personnel, parents, and community agencies, striving to promote caring and inviting environments throughout the entire school.
     I am here to help students with: 
    working out personal and school-related issues,
    improving grades,
    making friends,
    feeling good about yourself,
    adjusting to a new school,
    learning how to make healthy decisions,
    getting along with family members,
    dealing with peer pressure and bullying,
    ...anything that is important to YOU! 
    I am here to help parents with:
    exploring ways to help your child at home and school,
    improving parent-child communication,
    recommending referral sources in the community,
    expediting communication with teachers,
    supplying resources and reference materials,
    and providing information to help understand your child's unique needs!