• A Sampling of North Tonawanda School Counselors
    NT Elementary Schools Counselors
    (From left to right):
    Mr. Nathan Schelble, Ohio
    Mrs. Kimberly Zackey, NTI
    Mrs. Jennifer Schultz, High School
    Ms. Alyssa Gierke, High School

    Ohio Elementary School Counselor's Role

    Mr. Schelble works as part of a team with the students, school faculty/staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere.  He focuses on helping students feel safe, successful and supported academically, socially and emotionally.  Through the implementation of the RULER Approach, Mr. Schelble offers emotional awareness and education to help students and families which in turn can allow for a more positive learning and supportive environment in and out of school. 

    Should you have questions or concerns related to your child’s well being and progress, please feel free to contact Mr. Schelble at Ohio Elementary School.
    We strive to foster the needs, strengths and potential of the whole child one step at a time.
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