• Here are some links to my most used websites.
    Please let me know if you notice any broken links or need passwords to access!
    Math    Math
    XtraMath - practice math fluency
    Sheppard Software - lots of fun games to practice facts for fluency or even to review past skills!
    Stop the Clock - a fun way to practice time skills. (We often have a fun little contest with another class at the end of the year to see which class can tell time the fastest!)
     TERC Investigations Games - I have used the TERC Investigations series in the past to teach math. These games can help your child develop deeper conceptual understanding of math skills.
    ELA  book worm  
     Raz-Kids - username: kimstory 
                         password: student's first and last initial followed by 123 (ex. Joe Smith --> js123) 
    Read, Write, Think - Resources for reading and writing practice at home, including games!
    Spelling City - plug in your spelling words for the week and practice using a variety of activities