Frequently Asked Questions:
    Can my child celebrate their birthday in school?
    Yes!  Please send in a treat for each student in the class.  We have 27 students in our class.  Your child will be allowed to pass them out when time permits.  Our class has a food allergy so please do not send anything with peanuts or peanut oil in it.
    Can my child celebrate their summer birthday in school?
    Yes! We will celebrate summer birthday's in the month of June.  Please send in a note prior to make sure there are no conflicts.
    Can I hand out party invitations in school?
    As we are concerned about hurting the feelings of children who are not invited or who may not be able to reciprocate, we will allow the distribution of party invitations if all students in the class are invited.  Please do not ask us to violate this school policy.
    Does Drake School have a dress code?
     We feel that appropriate dress contributes to positive student behavior.  We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a serious learning atmosphere by ensuring that your child dress appropriately for school. Clothing or shoes that endanger health or safety or that distract the student or his/her classmates are not permitted.  Students' participation in school activities should not be limited by their clothing or footwear.  We go outside daily, so please make sure students are prepared with a sweatshirt or jacket and appropriate footwear.