• Expect wow

    Student Expectations:

    -         Always give your best effort!

    -         You will see Mr. Zayatz about making up any missing work (This is your responsibility)!

    -         Try to appreciate everything we do.

    -         Have fun while trying to improve as a student and a person!

    -         Take pride in your school, your work, your family and yourself!

    -         Take care of any restroom needs prior to entering the classroom.


    Keys to success:

    -         Be on time and prepared for every class

    -         Pay attention and give your best effort

    -         Turn in all work on time

    -         Be courteous to everyone in the class



    -         One folder for taking notes and filing homework assignments

    -         A blue or black ink pen

    -         One highlight marker


    Assignments and Conduct:

                Homework and various assignments will NOT be accepted if:

    -         It is not in blue or black ink (unless otherwise noted)

    -         It is in poor condition (i.e. It looks like you just pulled it from your pocket)

    -         It is late beyond 2 days

    Consequences for late or unacceptable class-work or homework:

    -         It will receive a grade of zero and cannot be redone. 

    -         The only way to fully make up the reduced mark is to do an extra credit assignment AND the original assignment!

    Consequences for late or unacceptable major project or writing:

    -         It may be turned in the following day at a reduction of 25% of the final grade

    -         2 days late receives a ZERO

    **ALL MAKE UP WORK WILL BE DEALT WITH ON A 1:1 RATIO (i.e. If you miss one day you have one day to complete the assignment missed.  If you missed 2 days then you have 2 days to make it up, etc.)

    Consequences for poor conduct in classroom:

    -         1st Offense: Immediate removal from the classroom and a grade of zero for any class assignment or homework that day.  Teacher’s detention and a call home.

    -         2nd Offense:  A grade of zero for that day’s assignment or 10% off of final grade for project.  Written discipline to vice principal with subsequent punishment.