WHAT IS DECA???!!!

    DECA is…

      A business club ~ if your son or daughter is planning on becoming a part of the business world, this club will help them gain confidence and give them skills to be successful in their future career and schooling.

      A national organization which is recognized in the business world.

      A great resume builder!

      A super networking tool.

      Community service oriented, get your community service hours filled easily.

    In DECA We:

      Meet people from other countries

      Travel to competitions locally, statewide in Rochester and internationally in different states
    like Florida, California, Georgia, Kentucky, and Utah

      Meet and network with business representatives

      Prepare for and advance in marketing, management, finance,
     hospitality, and entrepreneurship careers.

      Win cash and scholarships

      Walk on stage to accept your trophy

      Run the school store {The LumberMill}

      Participate in community service projects

      Take part in school leadership events

    Have a positive effect on YOUR community!!

      Walk a thons
     Kan jam tournament to raise scholarship money
     Pancake breakfast 
    Anderson’s Ice Cream fundraisers

    And more!


    DECA prepares the next generation to be:

    Academically Prepared

    DECA members are ambitious, high-achieving leaders equipped to conquer the challenges of their aspirations.

    Community Oriented

    Recognizing the benefit of service and responsibility to the community, DECA members continually impact and improve their local and broader communities.

    Professionally Responsible

    DECA members are poised professionals with ethics, integrity and high standards.

    Experienced Leaders

    DECA members are empowered through experience to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation.

     For more information please visit

    The advisors for NTHS DECA and the Lumber Mill {school store} are Mrs. Widman and Mrs. Follendorf