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                                                 Grade 12 Class Syllabus                                  
                                               Science Fiction and Fantasy Syllabus                                              
    Contact Info: 
    at school...807-3600  vm 1215  (I return calls within 72 hours.)
    Please leave a time frame, evenings are good, when I can contact you. Be sure to let me know who your student is so I have the right records!
    also at school...email me:  dsenick@ntschools.org
    This is GREAT for staying in contact with me, as it gives us a history to refresh ourselves each time we communicate. 
    This is NOT a good option for homework HELP because I check it randomly outside of school.
     my cell... 903-6805  (Yes, really!) Call or Text for "mostly immediate" contact.                                                                                                
    This is best for homework help.
    I guarantee No Students Have Died from giving me a quick call. Seriously. 
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    Need Extra Help????                                                                         
         Come in for a Lifeline!
    My Availability in Room 215
    • Before School:  7:15am - 7:45am daily
    • After School:    2:35pm - 3:05 pm MTWF most days  (PLEASE check with me.) 
    • During School:  SEMESTER 1:   periods 3, 4, 5 (lunch), 7 (AIS),  and 9 (limited) ...drop in with a pass
                                 SEMESTER 2:  periods 1, 3, 5 (lunch), and 9 (limited) ...drop in with a pass 
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    Seriously Strong Suggestions for MORNING HELP                               
    • Call or e-mail ahead so I know to be available!
    • Give me an ETA so I am ready.
    • Bring any/all related materials with you. 
    (Kind suggestions for this site are welcomed. Please contact me with your ideas and/or technical expertise!)