• Building Character for Success (BCFS)


    Curriculum Work:   Character Education by BCFS


    By: Roseanne Arida, Amy Dolan-Galvin, Dana Serure, Sue Szczerbinski


    NYS Learning Standard:  Health, P.E. and Home Economic Standard #1


    Students will demonstrate personally and socially responsible behavior. They will care for and respect themselves and others. They will recognize threats to the environment and offer appropriate strategies to minimize them.




    Building Character for Success is an organization created by teachers and school counselors who are interested in promoting character education at North Tonawanda High School. Its goal is to improve school climate by advocating responsibility, tolerance, and positive choices among students, while fostering self-esteem and teaching students self-control. 




    BCFS was established in the 2004-2005 school year and originally focused on students who were demonstrating counterproductive behaviors and academic habits at a higher rate compared with past school years. BCFS was designed to raise awareness for youth who were targeted with “at-risk” behaviors. Programs that taught positive and healthy choices, dealing with teen topics on violence, underage drinking, and drug abuse were presented. Some programs included a field trip to N.C.C.C ropes course, a school assembly on bullying and a role-playing forum by Prevention Focus. During our initial school year, the mission was expanded to include the entire school population.  A Wellness Day event was established, which was very successful in teaching healthy choices, teamwork activities, and special interests.