• Nightly Homework
    Every night your child brings home a reading bag with a leveled reading book. Please have your child read the book to you.  After reading, please discuss the story.  Some ideas are: was there a problem and if so, how was the problem solved?  You can also ask who was the story about, what happened in the story, where did the story take place, when did the story happen and why did the characters do what they did?  This should open up some nice discussion about the story between you and your child.
    High Frequency Words
    Also in the reading bag you will find a High Frequency Word packet.  Please practice reading and writing these words so your child knows them without hesitation.       
    If possible, please have your child practice their math facts on xtramath.orgThe classroom code is QEYFALKD. If you do not have a computer, you can use math flash cards instead.