• Regents English 10
    Room 306
    Periods 1 & 7 (AOIT)


    ENGLISH 10:

    Welcome to ENGLISH 10 for the 2014 – 2015 school year!  During the course of the year this class will study the English language and its uses; most specifically the writing process.  In addition we will read and discuss various works of literature, from short stories to dramatic plays to poems and at least one Shakespearean drama.  You will be required to keep an organized binder which will help you in your own writing as well as assist you in studying for literary tests and quizzes.  Your grade will reflect the amount of work you put into the class.  I have no doubt that you will find the assignments creative, helpful, and most importantly fun!



    1. 3 Ring binder
      1. 5 dividers

                        i.   Writer’s Toolbox (Notes, Journals, Grammar / Spelling practice, Writing Process)),

                        ii.   Literary Elements & Devices (Excerpts and examples in writing, definitions; practice),

                        iii.  Literature Units (Notes, Study guides and questions, author data, written responses),

                        iv  Tests & Quizzes,(Unit exams, multiple choice questions, test taking strategies)        

                        v.  Writing Projects (Exam practice essays, Research paper process, and misc. writings.)

      1. Loose leaf paper
    1. 2 black or blue pens (ALL graded assignments are to be completed in blue/black ink)
    2. 1 red pen
    3. Agenda planner
    4. Text Book / Novel (To be provided by the instructor)



    1. Be in your seat and ready to work with necessary supplies before the bell rings at the start of class.
    2. Stay seated until the bell rings at the end of class.
    3. Respect your fellow classmates, teachers, guests, and visitors.
    4. Use only positive and acceptable language in the classrooms and the hallways.
    5. Listen to directions and instructions actively; asking questions when appropriate.
    Click here to download a physical copy of the English 10 Course Outline.

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