•    With the shift in the new Common Core standards, students are asked to read more Non-Fiction texts then before. This includes, biographies, newspapers, magazines, informational websites, all about books etc. It is important to remember to still keep a balance with fictional stories too. Check out some good books at our local library.
    Real Reading is Thinking!
    If you are not thinking before, during and after reading then you're not reading!
    Close Reading Strategy: this is a strategy that asks the reader to text code and/or annotate while reading. This means to STOP and think by jotting down a symbol or writing a quick thought on paper. We practice this strategy during reading center time. Ask your child to show you how it's done!
    Text Coding Symbols:
     = I understand
       !    = IMPORTANT
      ?   = I have a question
      = I agree
        = I disagree
      = surprising
     ~Think beyond the words on the page~