How many hours of Service Learning are required?

    30 hours of Service Learning are required to be completed during the 4-year high school experience. The earlier you complete your hours the better.  Students may start earning hours the summer prior to entering 9th grade, no hours prior to July 1 of that summer will be accepted. Please do not wait until your senior year to take care of this responsibility, it is a graduation requirement and the four years go by very quickly!


    When are my Service Learning hours due?

    All service learning hours are due no later than May 15 of the students’ senior year in order for the student to be eligible for graduation from high school and for top five recognition. 

    How do I turn in my completed hours?

    A completed Service Learning Form must be submitted.  Forms must be signed by the agency where you volunteered.  A parent/guardian signature is also required.  Any forms that are not properly completed will be returned to you. YOU MUST KEEP A COPY OF YOUR SERVICE LEARNING FORMS FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS

    Where do I turn in my completed forms?
    All completed forms must be turned in at the high school office. Mrs. McClinsey is seated on the far right as you enter the office and she will check your form and stamp it as received.

    Where can I get the forms for completed hours?
    Service Learning Forms can be found in the high school main office, on the Service Learning Bulletin Board located in the cafeteria hallway, and by printing the form from the link here and in other portions of the Service Learning web site. Please be sure to bring a form with you when you go to your volunteer activity, it is your responsibility to arrive prepared.
    What is a reflection statement?
    A Reflection Statement is a short written statement to convey your thoughts about your volunteer experience.  One reflection must be completed to fulfill your Service Learning graduation requirement, however you may complete as many reflection statements as you like.  The reflection may be completed after you have completed a specific volunteer experience or after you have completed all of your volunteer experiences in the form of a culminating reflection. Every Service Learning form has a space on the back for a reflection or you may download the form from the link above. Reflection statements must include:
    • the type and nature of the service(s)/activity that you performed
    • how the service(s)/activity benefited the community or organization
    • your overall experience (positive, negative, indifference) and why 
    Where can I volunteer?
    There are many volunteer projects and events available in the various schools in the district and in the local community.  At the high school many of the clubs, sports, and other extracurricular groups have projects that qualify as Service Learning.  A list of approved agencies and events is posted in the main office and on the Service Learning web page.  Any Service Learning experience that is not listed on the pre-approved list must be approved in advance by the Service Learning Coordinator.  In order to have your activity reviewed for approval please submit a Service Learning form with your name and the activity you wish to have pre-approved filled out and attach a note indicating you are seeking pre-approval and put it in the Service Learning bin in the main office.  
    Are there volunteer opportunities available at the high school?
    Many of the clubs, sports and academies offer Service Learning projects.  Join a club in order to be able to participate in the volunteer projects that they will offer {fundraising that benefits your club does not count}. Also listen to morning announcements for opportunities - announcements are posted outside the main office on the bulletin board in case you missed them in the morning. 
    Are there volunteer opportunities in the local community?
    Many local organizations in North Tonawanda and the nearby communities need your help. The Service Learning website lists many opportunities.
    What type of activities do NOT count as Service Learning?
    All hours must be completed outside the students scheduled classes and must benefit a non-profit, charitable organization. The following are examples of activities that DO and DO NOT count toward your hours:
    Examples that DO count as Service Learning:
    • Participating in a walk-a-thon for the American Cancer Society
    • Volunteering at the NT Food Pantry
    • Helping at a church
    • Spending a day working with Habitat for Humanity
    • Volunteer coaching for sports team for non-profit organizations
    Examples that DO NOT count as Service Learning:
    • Cleaning your room at home or shoveling your neighbor's driveway
    • Fundraising for clubs or sports  
    • Volunteering (even without pay) at a day care or dance academy (they are FOR PROFIT businesses) does not qualify unless the activity is for the direct benefit of a non-profit organization. For example, if a day care center was holding a bounce-a-thon for the Juvenile Diabetes Association, the time spent assisting with that event would be accepted as Service Learning. 
    Where can I find information about Service Learning events and activities?
    Listen to the morning announcements, check the Service Learning Bulletin Board in the cafeteria hallway, watch for flyers around the building, check the Service Learning website, check the approved list of agencies and events, attend club meetings to find out what projects you can participate in, listen at community events or talk to your church/community leaders.
    Who do I contact with questions? 
    The Service Learning Coordinator at 716.807.3600 x1970 or servicelearning@ntschools.org
    The following are links to various Service Learning resources:
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