• Common Core FOR PARENTS
    Understanding the Common Core Standards

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) allow states
    to share a common definition of readiness at each grade
    level by working backward based on the demands of
    college and careers. This progression of student
    readiness is one of the central principles of the
    standards. If students are to graduate high school
    fully prepared, they must meet the benchmarks
    set by the Common Core – at every grade and
    in every classroom. Visit engageny.org for information.

    NEW! NYSED Commissioner MaryEllen Elia
    "What Parents Need to Know About Standards and Assessments"
    is the focus of the powerpoint presentation prepared by
    the Education Commissioner. Click here to view it. 

    Common Core Math Homework Help Website
    for Parents!
    If you don’t understand your child’s math
    homework, you are not alone. Here is an excellent resource
    where you will find math modules, lessons and homework
    for grades k – 8.
    Click here for the link.


Toolkit of Print Resources for Parents

  • Timeline
    January 2010
    New York State Board of Regents committed to the CCSS
    July 2010
    CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics formally adopted

    April 2013
    Grades 3-8 state assessments begin

    June 2014
    High School assesment begins in phases
  • Instructional Shifts

    The Common Core demands significant shifts in how students are taught. These shifts in instruction will require that many teachers learn new skills and reflect upon and evolve in their classroom practices. For example, ELA teachers must ensure a balance of literature and informational text and a dramatic increase in the amount of time and attention students spend in evidence-based analysis of what they are reading. In math, teachers must spend more time on less content, driving toward true mastery through a new level of fluency with math facts as well as a new comfort with real world application.

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