• Mrs. Tokarczyk's Wish List
    *This is a list of classroom items that we will be using throughout the school year for various projects, birthday celebrations, science experiments. etc.  If you are interested in DONATING (completely optional)  any of the items listed please send them in with your child.  I thank you in advance for your support of your child's education:
    paper plates - all sizes
    plain white napkins
    washable markers - fat and thin
    colored pencils
    cotton balls
    pipe cleaners
    packaged craft sticks - any size or color
    craft foam sheets - any size or color
    self-adhesive foam stickers
    foam/paper cups
    pom pom balls
    waxed paper
    aluminum foil
    snack,sandwich and gallon-sized zip-lock bags
    antibacterial wipes
    potting soil
    seasonal stationary for writing center
    gel pens
    q tips