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    Parents Corner

    How to Turn Your Child Into a Fanatic Reader -- A great article from CNN by author James Patterson.
    Helping Your Child Series -- From the Dept. of Education. Publications to help you help your child with many subjects. Great information!
    Do Libraries Make a Difference -- This Power Point Presentation gives the results of studies on the effectiveness of school libraries on student achievement from 19 states and 1 province.

    Dear Parents,
    When your children come to the library they are gaining all kinds of skills to prepare them to become learners for life. Here are few of those skills:
    1. How to take care of library materials so that others may use them.
    2. How to take responsibility for borrowing materials and returning them on time.
    3. How to find reading materials to fit their needs whether it is for academic or personal interest.
    4. How to search a database using keywords.
    5. How to scan and skim an article when searching for information in reference sources.
    6. How to take notes when researching.
    7. They begin the process of evaluating sources for things such as authority and readability when researching.
    8. They begin the process of understanding how to use materials ethically.