North Tonawanda City School District Goals

  • Technology

    • 100% of the entire district properties will have strong high speed wifi access by 2019.
    • By 2018-2019 school year, 100% of all grade level bands (K-3; 4-6; 7-8; 9-12) will have an instructional technology support person.
    • 100% of all Smartboards will be useable unless new technology replaces or starts to replace current technology. (Done)
    • 100% of all staff will be proficient with all Smartboard technology based on their needs by 2018.
    • 100% of all instructional buildings will have one mobile lab for every 15 teachers.
    • iPad goal: Elementary, MS, HS, 1:1 by 2020.

    Professional Development

    • 100% of teachers will have an opportunity to attend (4) 45-minute sessions (or up to 3 hours) of high-quality PD on each staff development day (selecting from a menu of 6 PD choices). Administrators, teacher leaders, and union will each suggest opportunities for the menu.
    • By 2018–2019, instructional coaching model will be in place, K-12 (including PD and Curriculum).
    • 100% of faculty/staff will respond to a building/district level survey regarding PD by June 2016. No more than 5 questions on the survey.
    • 40 minutes per month will be designated for ongoing high quality PD at the building level and/or district level. Exact time to be determined by the building admin/budget. (Time for staff to work together)


    • 100% of teaching staff in every discipline will be given a curriculum map, provided by committee, by June 2017.
    • 75% of staff will participate in shadowing, observing, behind the glass, least once per school year, either horizontally or vertically, by June 2018. This practice should improve classroom instruction and understanding of delivery of curriculum.
    • Move from 86% NTHS graduation rate for college and career ready to 90% by August 2020.

District Goals Document

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