• Baggy Books/Nightly Reading

          Baggy Books will be coming home daily for homework. Your child may have 1-3 books in their bag to read. Please allow 10-15 minutes nightly for this homework. These books are at their instructional reading level and were read in guided reading group. The books are rereads and should be somewhat easy for them. Depending on the level your child is at they may be pointing to each word as they read or trying to "follow with their eyes" to promote fluency. Ask your child what I've asked them to practice.
          As they reread each book give them as little assistance as possible. Refer to the Strategy Sheets in their baggy for ideas of prompts. (Asking them to "sound it out" should be the last strategy they attempt.)
       After each book is read take time to talk about the story. Ask questions about the story, characters, setting, problem, solution, etc. Depending on our time element that day they may have written a sentence about the story, or may have a cut-up sentence to reconstruct, or may have a question to answer in their journal. Ask your child if they did any writing that day in reading group. Feel free to have them use the next page in their journal to write about the story if you have time and they are willing. Any extra time spent with you on reading and writing will be beneficial to your child!
             Be sure to sign and date the homework log after completing the reading. I try to check the logs daily and the children are excited for me to share your comments. It's also a good place to ask me questions.
          Thank you for your help. I look forward to helping your child grow as a reader!