Finger Touchpad Scanners

  • The high school and middle school cafeterias are using a device developed by SL-Tech, our cafeteria software provider, that allows your child to access his/her meal account by using a sensor that identifies the child by the touch of his/her finger.

    We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to address any possible questions you may have:

    Q: What is the new device and what does it do?

    The new device allows a student to access his/her meal account with the touch of his/her finger. When a child places his/her finger on the touchpad scanner, the system creates a numerical template based on the scan, checks it against templates in the database, and returns an ID match.

    Q: Will my child be fingerprinted?

    No. Our system DOES NOT store fingerprints or images of the fingerprint. Our device has a touchpad scanner that matches a scan to a child’s ID.

    Q: Is this system secure?

    Yes. The templates can only be used for identification in the school cafeteria. No information will be shared outside of the school cafeteria. There is NO way to generate a fingerprint from your child’s template.

    Q: What does the program consist of? How will my child be involved?

    During first use, your child will place his/her finger on the touchpad scanner twice to create a template. During school meals, your child will place his/her finger on the scanner and it will be matched to his/her template.

    Q: If I choose to opt out of the computerized program, how does my child pay for lunch?

    If you have completed the opt-out form and returned it to school, your child may pay for any meals with cash on a daily basis.


    NOTE: The normal school day’s activities will not be disrupted by this program. In addition, your child’s privacy and security are of the utmost concern to our school district and SL-Tech. If you have any additional questions, please refer them to the school cafeteria manager, who will forward them to our team.