Computerized Cafeteria Management System

  • Under the computerized cafeteria management system at NTCSD, each student has an “account” with us. This is a debit account (not a credit account). Money can be deposited into the account by cash, check or online through and then the student can purchase food items using that account.

    If there is no money in the account and the student is not eligible for free meals, the purchase is charged and the student now has a negative account balance which must be paid the next day.
    Payments made through MySchoolBucks will appear on your bank/credit card statement as the name of the district where your student attends school.
    If you have questions, contact MySchoolBucks directly:

Mobile Apps

  • Once your account is created, use a smartphone or iPad/tablet to access your MySchoolBucks account information by downloading the user-friendly and accessible mobile apps.

Deposit Money Into Accounts

  • Cash Payment

    Deposit forms are available from the cashiers in the cafeteria, in the school office and online. Students can turn in their cash/deposit forms during meal time. If you have several children at the same building, you can send in one payment, but please list their names on the deposit form. Students attending different buildings will need a separate deposit form and a separate payment.

    Check Payment

    Deposit forms are available from the cashiers in the cafeteria, in the school office and online. Make checks payable to the North Tonawanda City School District. Students can turn in their checks/deposit forms during meal time. You can also write one check for multiple students provided they all eat in that building. Simply include a deposit form for each student with the single check. Students attending different buildings will need a separate check. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged the $25 bank fee.

    Pay Online

    To make an online payment, go to When at the website, go to "make online payment." There is no cost to use the basic services. A $1.95 service fee is charged if you choose to fund an account online. All fees will be displayed at the time of payment and prior to completing the transaction. The service fee will be applied to each school site listed on the account. If all of your students are attending the same school then the fee will only be applied once provided you fund all students at the same time.