• Homework


             Homework is assigned to reinforce what was taught in class.  It is intended to help students practice new skills and develop a sense of responsibility.  I do not believe in "busy work."  All homework that is assigned is intended to help students practice new skills and develop a sense of responsibility.  If a student misses class due to illness, music lessons, chorus, or any other pull-out, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the missed work.  This may result in additional homework. 

            Please make sure that your child has a quiet place to complete homework with minimal distractions.  It is usually best for students to complete homework relatively soon after school.  It is okay to help your child with his/her homework, but please do not do it for them.  If your child is having difficulty with a homework assignment, please let me know by writing a note in your child's agenda.  Please try to set up a homework routine as soon as possible and stick to it!  Students who do not have their homework completed on-time will have to pay a "fine" with their DiPasquale Dollars.  Should a student not have enough DiPasquale Dollars to cover the fine, they will have to work off their "debt" in lunch detention.  The homework assignment is a zero until it is turned in.  Work may be turned in late for reduced credit.  Likewise, work that demonstrates minimal effort or no work shown (math) will not receive full credit and the student may be asked to re-do the assignment.