Daily Procedures

    Class begins when you enter the room.  It is your responsibility to check SMART and follow any instructions.  If the bell rings and you are not in the room and ready to go, then you are late.  If you are late 3 times without a pass, you will serve PRINCIPAL DETENTION after school.


    All work is required to be submitted on time.  TEN PERCENT will be deducted for each day it is late.


    Students who choose to turn in assignments of poor quality will be required to redo these assignments and will receive a 10% penalty. 

    The parents of students with an outstanding amount of work will be contacted. 


    It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher when he/she is absent from class and to complete all assignments within 3 days.  

    The extra handouts are organized by class period (with your name) so students can easily pick up assignments or notes that have been distributed. 

    All tests and quizzes must be completed immediately upon return from any absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to set up a time to make up tests and quizzes.  No test or quiz will be given beyond 3 days after the student returns. 


    24-Hour Notice is Mandatory!
    You must VERBALLY tell Mrs. Sturgeon that you have a music lesson the following day AND you must sign the lesson sheet outside room 101. 


    We will try to incorporate at least one project per marking period.  A grading rubric will be provided.


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit is a privilege and will not be a substitute for hard work! 
    good day  
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