• Annual Activities

    Induction Ceremonies are held in the fall for new freshman and attended by the students, their families, district administrators, school board members, Academy advisory board members and faculty involved with the Academy. The new students are recognized for their acceptance into the Academy where the principal and guest speakers welcome them. They also receive a special T-shirt representing the AOEA. 


    A Family picnic is held in the spring for all grades (including newly chosen 8th graders) and their parents and siblings. A cookout in a local park including games is a fun time for all.  There is also an engineering contest (Team Challenge) between groups consisting of one student from each grade.

    Senior Trips.  We have participated in four senior trips. The first graduating class wanted to go white water rafting. We had an awesome Saturday in Zoar Valley on a pre-arranged rafting trip. The adults got wetter than the students. The second set of graduates chose Cedar Point for their trip. We again spent a full Saturday together as we had a coach bus take us very early in the morning. After experiencing the 22 roller coasters all day at Cedar Point, we arrived back in NT late that night.  The third group went all out and spent one night in Pittsburgh, PA.  We toured the Nationality Rooms at University of Pittsburgh, Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Water, rode the Duquesne Incline, enjoyed SportsWorks and the Carnegie Science Museum, shopped at the Station Square and experienced the Just Ducky Tours.  The next graduating class wanted to see Toronto.  We spent a whirlwind day visiting the Royal Ontario Museum, shopped at the Eaton Centre, toured the Casa Loma Grand Castle, and enjoyed the CN Tower.  The last graduating group wanted to go back to Cedar Point.  Besides the numerous roller coasters, thrill rides and water events, the park added two new rides, the Pipe Scream and the Lake Erie Eagles.  We enjoyed another warm summer day at the park.


    Habitat for Humanity. We fulfill some community service hours while enjoying a unique experience helping a family rebuild a new home for themselves. Once in the fall and once in the spring, we work with Habitat supervisors to perform a variety of tasks. Usually we are ripping out walls and ceilings; sometimes it is rebuilding windows, placing foam insulation, or painting. Every time we’ve gone it’s been a great experience.

    North Tonawanda History Museum. The North Tonawanda History Museum visits the High School once a week so that students can participate in the rebuilding of a Pan American Exposition scaled building plan located in the History Museum on Webster Street.  Two retired Tonawanda teachers, Demelt Shaw and James Steele, bring the materials needed and the students where they can accumulate service community hours working on this wonderful project.