• Capital Project Scope of Work

    Broadly the project will cover key elements including:
    • Code conformance, Health, Safety, and Security improvements
    • Repairs, Maintenance, and updates to Facilities and Systems
    • Site improvements to address additional parking, separation of students, buses and passenger car circulation
    • Addition to NTMS of ten additional instructional classrooms
    A more detailed listing of the proposed work in phase I of the multi-year plan includes:
    • HVAC Upgrades: replacement of various HVAC equipment including air handling/ventilation units, select boilers, and digital control systems, to provide proper levels of heating and ventilation and improve energy efficiency.
    • Lighting and Electrical Upgrades: renovations to electrical services to buildings; replacement of select lighting and sensors to improve energy efficiency. 
    • Plumbing System Upgrades: repair or replacement or pumps, piping, and fixtures in most buildings.
    • Site Safety Improvements: repairs and/or replacements to existing paving, curbs and sidewalks at most of the District's buildings; enhanced or expanded paving to allow for better separation of bus/vehicle/pedestrian traffic.
    • Improved Security: better control of access to buildings with dedicated intercom and surveillance camera systems.
    • Emergency System Upgrades: replacement of five emergency generators; repair or replacement of various emergency and exit lighting systems.
    • Interior Finish Upgrades: replacement of floors, ceilings, and wall finishes in most instructional facilities.
    • Addition to NTMS: construct a ten-classroom addition to NTMS which can be paid for by Orleans-Niagara BOCES under a lease agreement and used for special needs students.
    • Improved Accessibility: renovations to all facilities to provide better access to buildings, accessible toilet facilities, assisted listening systems, and addition of one elevator. 
    • Exterior Repairs: masonry repairs; window repairs and replacements; repair or replacement of six roofs.
    • Expanding Technology: providing access to the latest in computer technology for staff and students, including expanded power and data infrastructure, ceiling-mounted projectors and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.
    • Various other improvements: necessary due to the age and condition of the buildings.