Guidance Programs

  • Classroom Guidance Activities

    • Bully Prevention

    Bullying is taken very seriously at our school. School counselors and social workers spend time teaching about bullying and appropriate behavior. Topics covered include: what is bullying, bullying vs. teasing, cyberbullying, bystander intervention, and how to report or respond.

    • Project Alert

    Project Alert is a middle school drug and alcohol prevention program. Social workers and school counselors meet with all students in grades 7 and 8 to implement the program. Topics covered include tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants and painkillers.
    • Strengthened Sense of Self (S.S.O.S)

    Using the S.O.S. model, the social workers facilitate groups to assist students in advancing personally, socially, and academically. The model promotes a positive, strength-based approach to students’ needs. This group model is specifically aimed at something we believe all students need to succeed: a strengthened sense of self. The goal is for students to help themselves and each other to become increasingly competent in handling the challenges that come their way.


    • Future Opportunities Fair

    Students and parents are invited to learn about the many opportunities our students have in high school and beyond. Students learn about the academy programs at the high school. High school teachers from the various departments, local colleges, military, and community service agencies will be present.

    • Helping Hands

       Our students have the opportunity to volunteer at the NT Learning Center, which is the BOCES wing in our school. Students must participate in an orientation training session and then can sign up to volunteer in the classrooms during study hall or enrichment periods. Students assist with activites such as academics, playing games, going for walks, and helping out in physical education classes.

    • High School Planning

    Eighth grade students begin the high school course selection process in January. Each student will make initial course requests by the end of January. Throughout the winter, school counselors will meet with individual students (and parents are encouraged to participate in this process) to refine course selections and create a four-year high school plan.