• Moving and Copying Data, Inserting and Deleting Cells, Columns and Rows, Using the Fill Handle

    We are going to be spending some time with practicing the skills taught in the previous PPT file.  The first assignment focuses on the Auto Fill Handle (which I also call the Magic Fill or Fill Down handle). The Auto Fill can be used to copy formulas which makes it a very special tool in Excel.  We will be covering formulas in the next lesson and will be using the Auto Fill to copy formulas in later lessons, but for now you will be using the Auto Fill to create a series of numbers and dates (which is also useful).  Please use the Excel Spreadsheet and the direction sheet attached below to complete this first assignment. Please save appropriately and place in the dropbox for grading when finished
    The second skill you will practice is moving and copying data within cells. You will also need to insert new rows or columns during this next assignment.  The last step in this assignment is to change the orientation to landscape. That is covered in the Day two presentation below.  Please drop this assignment to the dropbox when complete.
    Supply Inventory Assignment Directions
    Supply Inventory Excel Spreadsheet
    Supply Inventory KEY (Please check this before submitting your work)
    Now read the Day Two Presentation Notes and complete the assignments below to practice the skills used in this presentation 
    In this next assignment (Mileage), you will practice freezing panes for Excel worksheets.  Make sure to choose the first option on the Freeze Panes submenu to include both row and column headings.
    In this next assignment (Pelican Stores), you will practice all the skills you have learned during the presentations above.  Make sure to upload your finished spreadsheet to the drop box for grading.
    Pelican Stores Assignment Directions
    Pelican Stores Excel Spreadsheet