• Drake Elementary School, built in 1956
    The proposed work involves the replacement of parking lot and exterior building lighting, replacement of curbing, damaged sidewalks and exterior steps, replacement of doors and door hardware, replacement of interior corridor and office ceilings, replacement of lighting, replacement of water piping, sewage ejector and sump pumps, water heaters, fixtures, faucets and traps, boilers and emergency generator, the addition of an assisted listening system, and the addition of technology improvements.

    Scope of Work

    Specific Improvements:
    • Technology Expansion: new wiring, video projectors and interactive whiteboards
    • Security enhancements
    • Add A/C to Computer Room, Library and Copy Room
    • Replace/reconfigure paving, walks and curbs
    • Replace site and exterior building lighting

    Repair of:

    • Cracked foundation areas and areaway
    • Exterior masonry walls
    • Concrete steps at exits
    • Improvements to building Handicap accessibility
    • Add assisted listening system
    • Renovate Nurse's office toilet room for improved accessibility
    Addition of:
    • Speakers in Cafeteria
    • Gym partition safety devices
    • Emergency lighting at Gym
    • Exit lights at select rooms

    Replacement of:
    • Playground curbing
    • Storefront at vestibule
    • Select roof drains
    • Select interior partitions and toilet partitions
    • Finish flooring
    • Select ceilings
    • Door hardware
    • Electrical service switchboard
    • Select lighting and controls
    • P/A System
    • Sump pumps, sewage ejector pump, water heaters, mixing valves
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • HVAC Equipment including Unit Vents and Air Handling Units
    • Fin tube radiators and cabinet unit heaters; misc. ducts
    • HVAC System controls with digital controls
    • Boilers, feed system and pumps
    • Emergency Generator
    Drake Photo Gallery