Uncle Sam
    October 3rd                                                            *UNIT TEST FRIDAY*
    Road to Victory Flow Chart
    October 4th 
    Lincoln assassignation video 
    October 5th
    Reconstruction Bubble Map
    October 6th 
    Civil War Review Sheet
    October 7th
    October 11th
    Transcontinental Railroad Notes
    October 12th
    Mining Growth of the West Chart 
    October 13th 
    Native American Conflicts
    October 14th
    October 17th
    Inventors Chart/Vocabulary
    October 18th
    Morse Code Work Sheet
    October 19th
    Tesla Vs Edison Video 
    October 20th 
    Big Business Notes
    October 21st
    Compare 19th century inventors with present day
    October 24th through October 26th
    Library research on presidential candidates and campaign poster
    October 27th
    Computer Lab for Micro Soft 365 training
    October 28th
    SSR...silent reading
    October 31st
    HaPpY HaLLoWeEn
    Outsiders Movie