What will we lean?
        Welcome to 7th grade science! The purpose of science 7 is to become familiar with the Physical Environment (Physics and Chemistry). Topics covered will include: forces and motion, work and power, energy, magnetism and electricity. A few of the chemistry topics will be: matter, the periodic table of elements, atoms and chemical reactions. Current world events, scientific discoveries, environmental issues, Laws and Theories will also be infused within class discussions. I hope you will be able to apply what we learn in this class to other aspects of your lives, in and out of school. I hope you will find this class exciting and fun while also remaining challenging.
    How will we learn?
             Class instruction includes but not limited to labs, demonstrations, note taking, readings, textbooks, video clips, movies, computer lab work, projects, review sheets, discussions and review. I will provide you with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. 
                                                             student at desk        Class participation is required!!!!
    How will we be graded?
             Each assignment will have a point value assigned to it. The number of points you earn during the marking period is divided by the total number of points possible. For example, your total points for the marking period add up to 350 and the number possible was 500. Your average for the marking period would be a 70%, but I bet you can do better than that.  
                                          Complete all assignments on time and turn them in for a grade.               
           student reading                                                        

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