The Daily 5 is a series of tasks being performed by students independently while the teacher is working with smaller  reading groups.
    Read to Self:  Students read independently using books of THEIR choosing that meets THEIR needs.
    (appropriate level..."Good Fit" books!)
    Read to Someone:  Students sit Elbow to Elbow Knee to Knee (EEKK) and practice fluency while engaging in appropriate conversations about text with a buddy.  This allows students to check their comprehension!
    Work on Writing:  Students CHOOSE a task that reinforces the skills taught in class and allows opportunities for creative expression and to have fun!
    Word Work:  Students CHOOSE activities that allow them to work with letters and letter patterns.  They practice their spelling words to help enable them to better their everyday writing skills. 
    Listen to Reading:  Just HEARING people read allows the listener to become a more fluent reader in their own writing.