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    The Daily Five is a reading management system that I have incorporated into our existing Reading Program.  It is a way to keep children immersed in English language Arts as we hone our ELA skills. You may hear your child say the following phrases as they talk about reading at school:


                                    Daily Five

                            1-Listen to Reading / L 2 R

                            2-Read to Self /  R 2 S

                            3-Read to Someone / R 2 S1

                            4-Word Work / WW

                            5-Writing / WTG


    As the teacher works teaching reading to small groups of students, or perhaps conducts individual writing conferences with some students, other students are involved in hands-on, active learning in one of the five different  "Daily Five" areas of study. Students may be working independently, with a partner or two, or in a small group.


    *I reference my source below, of the following information, in order to share this information with you.  The below-mentioned list of five benefits of incorporating the Daily Five reading management system into our Reading Program I share here is loosely based from that article: 


    1.       Encourages self-confidence through the success gained from working independently

    2.       Gives students opportunity to practice reading & writing skills and strategies daily

    3.       Lengthens time on task, and therefore student’s ability to pay attention

    4.       An ELA program: Emphasizes the communication skills of  reading & writing

    5.       Provides a structure and routine that students can follow & enjoy while actively participating.