Nigerian Folktales Unit!
    Nov. - March
    We began our unit by learning about Nigeria.  Students learned:
    -where Nigeria is located
    -that Nigeria is a country that has states
    -how Nigeria's geography compares to America's
    -what languages are spoken there
    -capital, population, flag, and currency
    Students also became experts on one of the following topics:

    Students then created a collage that showed the
    differences in that topic between America and Nigeria.  :)
    We then began to learn about what a folktale is, what elements are in a folktale, what a moral is and what types of morals are in Nigerian folktales.  Students enjoyed many Nigerian Folktales and learned the importance of Folktale morals.
    Math Mysteries Unit!
    Sept. - Nov. 2011
    We read many mysteries that we had to solve. 
    Some of the ways we learned to solve these mysteries included:
    - Patterns
    - Codes
    - Logic Boxes
    - Limited Information
    Once we had solved numerous math mysteries, we wrote our own! 
     These came out amazing and students were very proud of their writing!