• Excel Basics Page


    The Excel Window and moving around within an Excel spreadsheet

    In this lesson you will be learning new vocabulary having to do with the Excel Window. You will also learn how to navigate effectively within an Excel spreadsheet.

    Please open the link below to view the tutorial and complete exercises 1-7 within the tutorial to practice navigating within an Excel spreadsheet. The second link will help you in labeling the Excel window handout (linked below).

    Click this link for the Tutorial, and this link for an image of a labeled Excel Window


    Excel Window Handout (You may print this out to complete it in pen if you would prefer or add textboxes and complete it digitally, either way please hand in when finished)

    When you have finished with the tutorial, please open up and read through the Excel basics PPT linked below. You must be familiar with the vocabulary terms and the skills presented in this PPT in order to complete the Excel Basics Project (Home Ownership Rates)

    Excel Basics PPT (Please read in full)

    Excel Basics Notesheet (Please read in full)

    Assignment: Complete the project below using the direction sheet and the spreadsheet starter (Home Ownership Rates) and save to the dropbox when complete.

                                        Excel Basics Project Directions

                                        Excel Basics Spreadsheet Starter (Home Ownership Rates)