child doing homework
      Thank you for working with your child on nightly homework. There are numerous activities that you can do with your child on a daily basis.  

    Reading:  Reading nightly is extremely important to help your child to develop a love of reading and to practice all of the strategies that will help to make him/her a proficient reader.  Consider reading aloud with your child and asking questions or having discussions after he/she reads independently.  In addition, reading aloud to your child and having discussions with them will model strategies for fluency and comprehension.

    Math: Children benefit from regular practice with math facts and word problems.  Practicing math facts nightly will help contribute to increased fluency and accuracy.  Consider practicing math facts for 10-15 minutes each night.  Playing math fact war, playing fact games online or practicing facts in the car are a few easy ways to work math facts into your daily routine.  Also, find practical ways to work word problems into everyday situations.  Consider practicing word problems while shopping, cooking or playing outside.

    Writing: There are many fun ways to introduce authentic writing into your child's daily activities such as making grocery lists, writing letters to friends and family members, keeping a journal, leaving notes for siblings, writing summaries of movies/television shows/sporting events, etc.  Encourage your child to write everyday!
     The following websites offer a number of fun, interactive activities that will help to reinforce good reading, writing, and math skills:


                                         www.starfall.com        http://www.readingrockets.org   



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