• Parent Portal Account Creation Tips
    1.      Follow directions exactly
    2.     During the school year, the approval process can take many days, sometimes between five to seven days. Again, please be patient and don’t create a second account in the meantime.

    3.      Check and re-check your spelling and capitalization.

    4.      School District: When it asks for your school district,  type "N" and select North Tonawanda from the drop down rather than typing it in. If you make a typing mistake and spell the district name incorrectly, it allows you to complete the process but we will never receive the request.

    5.      The address you use must be the one on file with the district.  If you have moved, you must provide proof of residency to the district offices at 176 Walck Road.

    6.      If you have an aol email address, aol blocks emails sent from the portal.  Consider creating a Yahoo or Google account for portal purposes.
    7.      If you have had an account in another district, you must use a different email address to get a new account in our district.
    8.      If both parents/guardians want to create an account, you must use different email addresses and sign up using your own name.
    9.  Create new accounts using the official Parent Portal link on our website.  If you Google 'parent portal' you will see same registration page but it could be for any district. Your request will never reach us.