Global Connect

  • ""Sometimes it's necessary for the District to contact parents, students, or staff with an important message. From weather-related announcements and schedule changes to warnings of extreme emergencies or crisis situations, the North Tonawanda City School District relies on Global Connect's Parent Notification System to contact thousands of parents, students and staff members securely within minutes.

    The Global Connect telephone notification system is used to send recorded messages when school is closed or after-school and evening activities are canceled due to severe weather conditions or emergency situations and crises and when information needs to be relayed to parents, guardians and other caretakers. The automated system is a powerful yet economical approach to strengthening the District’s emergency response plan and improving communications with parents.


    How Does it Work?

    Global Connect allows a school administrator to immediately reach all school families with a single phone call. The service is voice-activated, meaning you must say “hello” for the district message to begin playing. There may be a pause before the message plays. The message plays twice, so you can hear it again if needed. It will record to voicemail or an answering machine.  

    Update Your Phone Numbers

    Each family can have up to six telephone numbers on file in the district’s student record system. However, the system cannot dial extensions; therefore, some work numbers may not be accessible through Global Connect.
    Please call the Central Registration Office at 807-3568 to update your phone number or provide additional telephone numbers (maximum of 6) in the student record system.