Central Registration

  • Students new to the North Tonawanda City School District should register as soon as possible. Registration is a multi-step process and will require you to apply in person at the Administration Building located at 176 Walck Road.

    Hours: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday


    NYS Regulations: To be eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2019, a child must be five years old on or before Dec. 1, 2019. To be eligible to attend pre-kindergarten in September 2019, a child must be four years old on or before Dec. 1, 2019.
    Current Pre-kindergarten Students
    If your child is enrolled in Head Start, you will need to complete the registration packet below. If your child attends the Universal Pre-kindergarten (UPK) program operated by Carousel Academy at Ohio School, it is not necessary to complete a registration packet. However, if you have a new address or phone number, you must update that information with the District office. Call 807-3568.

    Private & Parochial School Students
    There is a separate registration form for any NT resident student attending a non-public parochial school. Please pick up the non-public parochial school form at the Administration Building.
    Parents who expect to register a child in a non-public school must complete an abbreviated registration form. You need to bring proof of residency, which includes a current lease or mortgage statement, as well as a current utility or cellphone bill, and the student's birth certificate. Any questions, please call our Central Registration Office at (716) 807-3568.

How to Register

    Required documents for student registration at the District Office:

    A. Proof of Residency (must provide 1 Primary and 1 Secondary Proof)

    • Primary Proof
      • Copy of most recent mortgage statement or copy of most current lease agreement
      • Closing statement
      • Notarized residency affidavit from landlord affirming tenancy AND record of most recent rent payment (paperwork for this option may be obtained at the District Office)
      • Property tax bill
      • Living with others (paperwork for this option may be obtained at the District Office)
    • Secondary Proof
      • Current utility bill dated within past 30 days (gas, electric, landline, cell, cable, satellite)
      • Copy of your Post Office change of address form
      • Current vehicle registration or insurance
      • Valid NYS Benefits card
      • Payroll stub or bank/credit card statements (dated within past 30 days)

    B. Adult Photo Identification, such as:

    • Driver’s license
    • Passport 
    • Non-Driver Identification Card (available at the Department of Motor Vehicles Office)

    C. Student Proof of Birth – one of following:

    • Original birth certificate (must have raised seal)
    • A certified copy of the original birth certificate (cannot be a photocopy from a copying machine)

    D. Original Legal Documents Showing Proof of Custody (if applicable)

    E. Other student documents

    • Child's passport 
    • Proof of physical exam within the past year
    • Original shot records (can be faxed directly from physician to District)
    • IEP information if applicable


    2019-20 Student Registration Packet
    Entire packet must be completed in full. Please print single-sided only.

    You may download the packet (above) or pick up a copy from the District Office/Administration Building located at 176 Walck Road.

    Please complete all sections and have your documentation with you when you register in person at the Administration Building.
    Please note that a completed registration form does not constitute registration. You must register in person, present the documentation outlined above, and have your signature witnessed at the time of registration. All forms in the packet must be completed. Partially completed packets will not be accepted. The entire application must be submitted at one time. 
    NOTICE - Verification of Residence
    The District will comply with the laws of New York State and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education regarding the determination of legal residence. Where residency is in question, the administration will investigate or cause to have investigated individual circumstances that result in a non-resident student being admitted to the school. Students illegally enrolled shall be removed from attendance at District schools.