• 8th Grade Supply List
       FACS for our 8th graders is a 20 week course.  They are required to have one 2-pocket folder for their papers.
        The community service give back project is pictured.  Each class of students pairs up and makes an eye glass case.  Those cases are then donated to the Northgate facility on Nash Road.  Fabric donations are encouraged as this project is not school funded.
    The sewing project we complete is a pillow.  Students have the creative freedom to generate the center of the pillow in the computer lab, providing all the images are school appropriate.  Each student must turn in the $8.00 fee prior to beginning the project as the supplies must be purchased by the teacher.  Please ask students to see the opening day syllabus for the due date.  No checks are accepted.                         
    All the supplies are included in the fee.  Students take the pillow home once it is graded.